Friday, August 10, 2007

What if there was not a Hell ( for people to go to after having liveda particularly heinous life? Would you. be mad. After being real good in this life, going to church every Sunday, tithing, never cheating on spouse, not drinking or cursing, and showing kindness to the less fortunate, what if you went to heaven and found it full of pedophiles and activist atheists? Would that be fair?
Religious thinker and author Karen Armstrong (" Hell was invented by people who were very sure they were not going there, that someone else was. And they would probably be very upset if they got to heaven and found out that all those other people were let in..."
Before you totally dismiss the idea of there being no Hell consider the parable ( tells of the Workers in the Vineyard. In this parable everybody gets paid no matter how late they come to the
Vineyards. So when is it too late to "come to Jesus"? On your death bed? taking your last breath? Before the throne of God? Jesus concludes the parable with the last shall befirst, and the first shall be last. Another enigmas I guess we'll understand it better by and by. In the meantime II going to strive to do the best that I can.

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