Friday, August 10, 2007

John Edwards ( really using twitter,
Barack Obama ( just frontin' like he
is. I mean Edwards really gets it, he
is tweeting' during the debates last night (,
he is fielding questions from twitter (
during a live webcast he's holding.
That's what we need America, a President
with proven multi-tasking ( And
can you imagine a President that
tweets? He would be at Camp David
having a summit with Arab leaders
and tweet something like "... I wish
King Abdullah ('t suck his teeth
at the dinner table, may be its something
cultural..." That would rock the bells.
In all seriousness, I think John Edwards
would make a great President. I would
be satisfied with him, Richardson (, or
0bama ( Why not Hillary ? She is a wolf in sheep's clothing. (

Edwards, Obama, or Richardson in 08'.

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