Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Second Sunday is always Youth Sunday at my church. I especially enjoy preaching to young people, there is a certain "no-nonsense" that they demand from preaching. Young people do not get much out of platitudes, cliches, and religious jargon, they much more appreciate just straight talk. Now I am not saying that I am good at preaching to young people, God only knows if my message is connecting, and resonating with the youth.
My message Sunday came from James 4.13-17 ( The title of the sermon was "You better Recognize." The gist of message was that young people need to put God in all their planning and dreaming for the future. Young people are alway projecting into the future, "I can't wait till I am old enough. to drive, "I can't wait till I am
old enough to date." Well, James admonishes us to be mindful to put God in our planning. To acknowledge that our plans may come to fruition if the Lord wills it. I had three main points in the message:
1. Plan but be flexible
2. Persevere
3. Blame it on God.
I closed out the message with a celebration using the story of Job. Essentially, I said Job blamed it on God, not mother nature, not the Sabaeans, nor some rare skin disease. The buck stopped with God, so Job "prayed" and talked to God for about 38 chapters for comfort, understanding, and ultimate resolution of his problem. My recommendation was (is) that we blame God for good or "bad (Rom. 8.28) (;&version=31;)" and not people, things, or circumstances. You better recognize who it is that is in control.

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