Thursday, August 23, 2007

Pastor Richardson finally got to verse 31 (;&version=31;), a verse dearly beloved by many Black Baptist. The first point Doc made was that he initially wanted to talk about "Why Wait On the Lord?" I noted that that was a good question and I intend to explore it sermonically myself at some future date. Next, he said there is an assurance housed in the text. He made a distinction between insurance and assurance. Insurance pays off after the accident, but assurance pays off in the midst of your problem. I thought that was a pretty astute distinction. A final high point was an analogous story where he relayed the story of a co-worker who had severely hurt his back and was given a morphine pump to help him deal with the pain. Doc said whereas a morphine pump only dulls or covers the pain, he's got a pump that will heal you, make you whole, cure you of the ailment that is causing the pain. Hallelujah. He said he had a Holy Ghost pump. I am working on getting me one of those.

Well, as the say, all good things come to an end, and so we have to say goodbye to Dr. Stanley Richardson and the Oak Ridge Baptist church family. We hope to see them next year. In the mean time, we look forward with great anticipation to April 2008 when we will be holding our annual Spring Revival, if the Lord wills.

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