Friday, August 17, 2007

A lot of people say that Wednesday night is always the best night of a five night revival. They try to say that preachers come in on Monday night and show folk what they can do. They also preach hard on Tuesday night to keep the crowd coming. On Wednesday night they peak out and coast their way home the last two nights, usually just going through the motions on Friday a lot of times from physical exhaustion.
Well, we hit a peak on Wednesday but I don't think the momentum is going down from here I feel like it's going up on a little higher. Dr. Richardson's title for tonight was "It's All in the
Punctuation and the Grammar." He showed some creativity and Holy Ghost power of interpretation in coming up with this message. The essence of his message was that the punctuation and grammar was informative. God was trying to tell us in the punctuation and grammar of verse 29 (;&version=31;)that we can't move forward until we take a pause to reflect. He said we can't rush to the other side of the "and." Spiritually speaking before you can get the next blessing God has for you, you have to
pause, take time to reflect and thank God for what he has already given you, then you will be ready to receive another blessing. It spoke to me and my situation. Here's a taste of his celebration (

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