Thursday, August 9, 2007

Hi, I'm Al Franken (, vote fo r me for U.S. Senate in Minnesota's.
The comedian, political pundit (, and social critic, Al Franken is running for Senate. I remember Franken ( when he was on Saturday' Night Live. If I recall correctly he has always tended toward comedy with a left leaning political slant. After his stint on SNL during the 70's he disappeared (off my radar at least) and resurfaced as a strong critic of the growing right wing shift of the country that aided Bush in his hotly contested win over Al Gore ( the 2000 Presidential elections ( It would seem that. the right wing spin and media machine best repented by the White House and Fox News Channel's "fair and balanced" coverage of the Bush regime's march to war inspired Franken to write a book, Lies and the Lying Liars who Tell Them, and helped start an unashamedly leftist satellite radio channel, Air America ( Fast Forward to yesterday and I run across this article ( the Nation about Franken's bid for the Senate with an embedded video of Franken making his plea to the voters. I was very impressed, Franken made one of the best populist speeches I have heard from a Democrat in a long time. It was smart, but still down to earth and very sincere. I, for one, am on board Al.

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