Monday, May 28, 2007

Foraging into the unknown territory of moblogging

I am driving down I-95 North making my first attempt at moblogging, mobile blogging that is, which is to say blogging from my cellphone. I hope that this will help to increase my volume and frequency of posts. I am so on the go, I really seldom have time to sit down at the computer and type out my thoughts all the way to completion. For example, I have like four ideas I want to post as blogs in various stages of production. I will get to them eventually, in the meantime, moblogging will allow me to deal with the more day-to-day and immediate.
There are a few different solutions for posting to your blog from your mobile phone, for anybody interested in trying this out here's a link to a website with an article that will tell you more about moblogging:

Weblogs get upwardly mobile

Here's some links to websites with blogging software for your mobile phone:

Yeah. I am so excited. Check you later.