Thursday, May 10, 2007

On Obama

My gut reaction is that America (or as the artist Ice Cube used to say Amerikkka) is not ready for a Black president. I have serious questions as to Obama's electability. Personally, I have leaned toward Governor Bill Richardson (FYI: A senator has not been elected President in like 40 years). But this is not intended really to be a blog entry on my presidential race views. Actually, I don't know enough about the individual candidates yet to form anything more than a first impressions opinions on the candidates.

So, I guess this is like my first impressions on Barack Obama. Let me say I love his theology. Apparently, his pastor is none other than the prophetic and dynamic Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Pastor of the Trinity United Church of Christ of Chicago, Ill. Dr. Wright is the protégé of the late Dr. Samuel Dewitt Proctor one the paragons of lack preaching. Below as well as to the right you can find a link to video on youtube that captures Dr. Wright perhaps at his most extreme. I know this clip and much of his thought is going to e taken out of context by the average American who cares not to deal with subtleties and shades of thought, but Dr. Wright is very provocative and worthy of thoughtful consideration by thoughtful people. Anyway, Barack can't be all bad in my book if he listens to Jeremiah Wright every Sunday when he is home from Washington. I wonder where he attends church when he is in the District?


The youtube link:


Link to Trinity United Church of Christ: