Sunday, May 13, 2007

Tweet, tweet

Barack Obama is twittering. That means one will be able to pretty much track his movements and thoughts throughout his presidential campaign. Not that this will definitely make him somehow more transparent as a candidate,he can still stay very guarded and politically correct. But I think its cool that I will be able to find out for example that he is in Cleveland one night speaking at the National Press Club and that the baked chicken was dry and he felt he didn't speak especially well. All in real time I might add and all this being his personal reflections and not some pundit or journalists analysis or secondhand report. I believe however naively some honest moments might be captured here and there.

For those that don't know twitter is this cool social networking/mini-blog/chat web phenomenon. It is supposed to be the next thing, you know. I am pretty excited about. Check it out at Sign up and send me an invite(username: revmak) so we can tweet.

Check out this screencap of what folks' "tweets" look like: