Wednesday, May 30, 2007

This Brother is funny and insightful

Interview With the Devil #7: Many Counselors

I wish you would subscribe to this brother's blog like I have (I guess thats an issue I have, I think I my thoughts and actions often merit imitation). This brother pastor draws these sometimes irreverant, often funny, always original and provocative cartoons about the Christian life. His prose posts are usually thoughtful too, although it is obvious that he serves a less traditional congregation than myself and has some rather cavalier ideas about church. Primarily, I just like to be engaged and keep my conversation with the Lord open, honest, and inquisitive and every little bit helps. You got to keep it moving, thats what I believe, from "In the beginning, God made..." to "...Even so, come, Lord Jesus" God is at work and moving in the world he created, and have got to keep moving to keep up with Him.

Now what did I mean by subscribe, when I said 'subscribe to his blog' above? I was talking about web syndication or rss feed reading. Here is what wikipedia has to say about web syndication

A web feed is the most usual kind of web syndication. For the basics of what web feeds are, benefits and how to use them, read the web feed definition; otherwise see below for more details about web syndication.
A typical web feed logo
A typical web feed logo

Web syndication is a form of syndication in which a section of a website is made available for other sites to use. This could be simply by licensing the content so that other people can use it; however, in general, web syndication refers to making web feeds available from a site in order to provide other people with a summary of the website's recently added content (for example, the latest news or forum posts).

Large scale web syndication of content started in 2001 when Miniclip freely syndicated online browser based interactive games to the masses. Today many different types of content are syndicated on the Internet. Millions of online publishers including newspapers, commercial web sites and blogs now publish their latest news headlines, product offers or blog postings in standard format news feed.

Syndication benefits both the websites providing information and the websites displaying it. For the receiving site, content syndication is an effective way of adding greater depth and immediacy of information to its pages, making it more attractive to users. For the transmitting site, syndication drives exposure across numerous online platforms. This generates new traffic for the transmitting site — making syndication a free and easy form of advertisement.

The prevalence of web syndication is also of note to online marketers, since web surfers are becoming increasingly wary of providing personal information for marketing materials (such as signing up for a newsletter) and expect the ability to subscribe to a feed instead.

Although the format could be anything transported over HTTP, such as HTML or JavaScript, it is more commonly XML. The two main families of web syndication formats are RSS and Atom.

If you are adventurous and so inclined you can find out more about web feeds and download one here. By the way, I use my microsoft outlook email program to organize the feeds I subscribe to. On my treo 650 mobile phone I use freenews.