Friday, July 27, 2007

So the word is out ( Sumocat ( is working on improving his program Build 52 ( blogging in ink. In fact, I have been in touch with Sumo cat and he sent me this initial public offering of Build 52v2 ( This is my first post using it. What do you think ? Can't tell the difference, ay? Of course, it's not really going to effect how the posts look to you, but the hope was that it would the ease of use, and make my ink blogging experience betters. Did it accomplish this feat? Well, let me say in my communications with Sumocat I told him my issues with Build 52 were that I had trouble getting my ink hyperlinks to work in IE and the limit of nine hyperlinks were prohibitive. He has appeared to fix the IE issue, But I am still limited to 9 links Ultimately, I can live with this limitation but Sumocat has said that he will work on developing the ability to go beyond 9. And I will just patiently await the results of his superior coding, thanks Sumocat keep up the good work.

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