Thursday, July 12, 2007 | Know Your Right-Wing Speakers: Rush Limbaugh

You think you know that guy on AM radio you listen to all the time don't you? You know who I am talking about the sharp-witted intellectual, albeit conservative one. You know the chubby, balding guy; the one that tried to buy the painkillers from you that you had left over from your root canal last year. Yeah, that's right, that Rush guy. Well. has a section called KnowYourRight-Wing Speaker and they tell the sometimes embarrassing true stories about our favorite right-wing pundits, check it out and quiz your bestest conservative friend the next time they try to quote or reference on of these cats. See if they really know their right-wing speaker

...Rush Hudson Limbaugh III began his radio career as a teenager in Southeastern Missouri, debuting as Rusty Sharpe on a radio station once owned by his father. He attended Southeastern Missouri State University for one year, dropping out to pursue a career booming and bellowing against “liberal bias” in the media to add the voice of yet another angry white man to the overwhelmingly conservative domain of talk radio. After leaving college in 1972, Rush took to the airwaves as a Top 40 music disc jockey for Pittsburgh’s WIXZ and later for KQV under the name Jeff Christie...

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