Saturday, July 28, 2007

Build 52 v.2 upon further review

This is the UI ( for Build 52v.2 (

So I tried v.2 and
ran into a kink. So I emailed
my good buddy Sumocat (I call
him good buddy, because he got
back to me in like an hour), and
he sent me a couple of lines of
code that immediately fixed my
problem. Below I have pasted.
my email to him. Yes I wrote
the email in ink in MS Outlook,
I didn't I know Outlook's ink worked
in OneNote ( That's too cool. Way to go
Microsoft that's pretty good integration.

"In my test of Build 52v.2 I had mixed results some sucesses and some issues. First the successes
the links now work in IE, yeah! And this didn't impact their ability to work in firefox (, in fact,
the ink links now cooperate with the Snapshots (, link previews, in firefox , now that's
awesome! The UI ( is a litttle better, the way the adding of text code is now done was tricky
At first glance, but I just guessed that it combined the both codes when I saw
the "img src"ref in the frst line of the code. This combination of the two codes is
Actually very convenient , I think add a lot to the usability ( of the application. l also like
how you can easily add the hyperlinks to the text from the hyperlink you already entered,
great work there. Finally the glitches, only one I noticed was that I can no longer show/ hide
Text in either IE or firefox. I believe I added the prereqs correctly, but I am not sure. Maybe
its just h glitch in my template's code, because it obviously works on your page.
Anyway, I really appreciate you taking up the time to write this app, and then for generously
sharing it. I have made up my mind that Iam going to post 99% in ink using Build 52 or
Some variation thereof, and vlog through my stickam ( player at the top of my page, keep up the good work."

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1 Comment:

Sumocat said...

Not that I am declining "good buddy" status, but it was more due to good timing on your part. I was literally writing my Build 52 status update when you sent your email and was in perfect position to send you the fix. If you caught me on Saturday, you might have been waiting 'til Monday.