Friday, October 26, 2007

Man, oh man, did Katt Williams ( some folk with this fashion statement ( But was this a fashion faux paux or complete and utter lack of judgment? Was it modern day coonery or mad social commentary? Personally, I think this is genius. Bro. Williams in the spirit of Richard Pryor of D.L. Hughley made a colorful comment on the meaning of nooses past, present, and future to Black people in the context of America; as well as the meaning of contemporary hip hop culture's obsession with excessively extravagant, jeweled necklaces. Is Katt saying "how funny is this really? When are nooses being hung from anywhere a practical joke? And let's remember who use to hang from these so called practical joke nooses." Or is Katt saying the excessive necklaces we wear are not that different from nooses? I don't know exactly what statement Katt is making but the possibilities are multiple and that's the genius in it to me.

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