Friday, October 12, 2007

I know, I know, I have been seriously neglecting this blog, but be forwarned it might get worse. Actually, my schedule is getting more hectic rather than less hectic. The main thing taking up my time now is that my wife has gone back to school, which means, I have to watch my lovely children, bless their hearts. It is a joy, but I just can't blog and hold my 4 month old at the same time, I know you understand. I have got something I want to mention:
By way of update I took the Moto Q back to Alltel within the 15 day trial period and got my money back minus about $60.00 for activation fee and the air time I used, pretty expensive trial I thought. So, after that I went back to Sprint and made up my mind to bite the bullet and pay through the nose for a Smartphone that was going to meet my needs. I didn't actually go to a Sprint store, I went to Radio Shack and the Lord went with me because as soon as I walked in looking at the Sprint phones they sell, the salesperson started telling me about the special deal they had on a reconditioned Treo 755p ( When she told me I could get a 755p, for $60.00 after a $100.00 I was floored. And from that point, the deal only got better. She called to activate the phone and the sprint rep took it upon themselves to upgrade my data plan ( I had the old sprint data plan that came with the first pdaphones that Sprint came out with like 6 years ago, I had the Toshiba 2032 and then the Hitachi G1000. My data plan cost 10.00 a month for unlimited web and text messages), and this Radio Shack salesperson didn't like that, so for the next 45 minutes she argued with Sprint's Retention Department trying to either get my old plan back or get me a discount. Eventually, she got Sprint to take $15.00 off my base data plan rate, but I had to come off of $8.00 a month for unlimited texts. Then, I put in for my postal employee discount (25% off) which I had never applied to my bill and bam, my monthly bill decreased. Needless to say I thanked that Radio Shack employee, it was probably the best customer service I have ever had.

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