Friday, September 14, 2007

Today on my way to the Farmer 's
Market to pick up some fruit, I
had one of those NPR driveway moments (
A driveway moment is when you can't
turn off the radio, can't turnoff
the car, can't get out of the car,
because you are captivated by a story
being run on NPR ( at the time. The
object of my intense interest was
a, story about methane gas geysers
in the fresh water lakes of the
near arctic north
( It was ostensibly
just another story about the subtle,
but apocalyptic effects of global
warming, however as Melissa Block (
related what she was seeing in the lake
I became more intrigued. She talked
about how the lake had the look of
a giant fizzing soda pop in the area
where the gas was rising out of the lake.
I think what really grabbed me was when they began describing what happened when open flame was
placed near the gas geyser,
a blowtorch effect was created. I guess I sat in
the car for about 5 minutes until they
finished the story, only us loyal NPR listeners know how subversive and disruptive NPR really is.

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