Thursday, September 13, 2007

I was surprised when I ran across this little techno-political nugget that further illustrates how political campaigning is catching on to the power and utility of the web. Well, actually it appears that the Democrats get it more than the Republicans. And even more to the point, it looks like Barrack Obama and his people get it more than any other campaign. The other day I went by Widgetbox ( to see if they had a generic video viewers like the google audio widget (, and ran across a gang of Barack Obama widgets ( From a widget ( that plays the latest video produced by his campaign to one that tells you the details of his next speaking engagement. Go Obama, him and Edwards are running neck and neck for my vote and for most net smart/tech savy. But I agree with what many in the blogosphere are saying about Obama and Edwards, namely that they should join forces against Clinton. (

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